• SCTG is a network of unparalleled Shropshire churches and chapels in the county, which have dominated the landscape and life of communities for more than a thousand years.  All our churches offer visitors both a warm welcome and features of interest.

    SCTG is an ecumenical body of self-motivated people interested in the development and promotion of church tourism to enhance the visitor’s appreciation and enjoyment of Shropshire.

    SCTG is a fully constituted voluntary organisation.

    Are you visiting Shropshire ?  This website gives you all the information you need to start exploring our churches.

    Are you part of a church community in Shropshire ?  Find out more about the benefits of being a member of the SCTG.


    Above: St Eata's Church, Atcham, photographed on the SCTG Churches Tour 2015



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    'HELLO AND WELCOME' a complete guide to providing a better visitor experience, and a quick guide to welcoming visitors:- Is your church ready for visitors?


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    Request copies of the SCTG Brochure please provide name, organisation, telephone number (to arrange a convenient collection point) and number of copies required.

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    For membership and any other matters, please email secretary@discovershropshirechurches.co.uk

    Does your churchyard have ancient yew trees? Follow this fascinating link to see how they should be cared for:-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMJfkhjypJw

    Two interesting and informative articles from 'Reflections', the quarterly publication from Hereford Diocese. See NEWS