The stunning circular church of St Chad in Shrewsbury. 

The Guide to Shropshires Churches, and this website, bring together around a hundred Shropshire churches, all of which offer visitors both a very warm welcome and features of special interest.  Visitors are drawn to churches for a variety of reasons peace and quiet, spiritual reflection, architecture, history, wildlife, fabric and furnishings, genealogy the list is plentiful and multi-layered.

Whether you are in search of a quintessentially Shropshire church, a place to sit quietly amongst beautiful countryside, a particular architectural style or world-class stained glass you will find something here to fulfil your interests.

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We realise that our visitors have varying amounts of available time. Some will wish to find a specific church of choice. Other visitors may be interested in a particular area of the county. We have therefore presented the churches in five geographical areas. You can readily pinpoint one church, or develop a route to visit several churches.

The five geographical regions comprise Shrewsbury, and the four quarters of Shropshire, taking the A458 to the west of Shrewsbury and the A5/ M54 as the delimiter for the north/ south axis, and the A49 as the east/ west axis:

North West Shropshire

North East Shropshire


South East Shropshire     

South West Shropshire



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